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100% Diné Grown Weaving Yarns and Rovings BACK IN STOCK!


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Photo of Irene Bennalley by Michael Benanav @traditionalculturesproject

Featured Shepherd: Irene Bennalley

Irene and her son winter in Two Grey Hills, New Mexico with their gorgeous flock of Navajo-Churro sheep. In the summer they migrate with the flock on foot up to the family’s ancestral sheep camp in the Chuska Mountains.

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Photo of Kelly Skacy by Heath Herring @heath_herring

Featured Shepherd: Kelly Skacy

Kelly raises a beautiful flock of Navajo-Churro sheep and Navajo Angora goats. She cares for them along with her husband and four children in Coppermine, Arizona located in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation.

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Featured Shepherd: Marjorie Curley

Marjorie Curley lives with her husband Irvin in Ganado, Arizona, where they steward an impressive flock of Navajo-Churro sheep. “When they lamb, you don’t have to worry about it. They tend to their young ones.”

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The sheep feed us, clothe us, and reassure us that they’re still holding onto this land for us.

Kelly Skacy, Diné shepherd

“Sheep Is Life” is the culture of my people. We’re taught that when we care for the sheep, they’ll care for us, providing sustenance, warmth, and life lessons.

Nikyle Begay, Founder, Diné shepherd and fiber artist

The sheep are like our parents. They feed us and give us comfort from the cold.

Irene Bennalley, Diné shepherd and fiber artist

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Photo of Kelly Skacy's Sheep by Heath Herring @heath_herring

The History of Navajo-Churro Sheep