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Fiber Shop

Welcome to the Rainbow Fiber Co-Op Fiber Shop! Our yarns and rovings are made from 100% Navajo-Churro wool grown by Diné shepherds on the Navajo Nation.

Navajo-Churro sheep are a dual-coated breed with a coarser outer coat and a softer inner coat. When both coats are spun together it creates a strong and lustrous yarn ideally suited to weaving blankets and rugs. The yarns are also fabulous for knitting outerwear, similar to Lopi style yarn.

100% of the sales dollars from your purchase go back into the Co-Op, helping us cover operational expenses for the coming year. Our mission is simple: pay Diné shepherds a fair and honorable price for their wool and help them sustain their flocks of Navajo-Churro sheep.

Take a look around and please contact us with questions. Axéhéé (thank you) for your support!